The Falklands War: The Why, the How, the W.T.F.

The Falklands War: The Why, the How, the W.T.F.

Few modern conflicts inspire as much vitriol and rage as the Falklands War - and few 'minor' conflicts have produced as much innovation. Why did these two bald men fight over a comb? Was it a political showcase? Was it necessary? Is Margaret Thatcher a liar? What happened with the Belgrano? What was the United States involvement? 

Book of the Week:

The Battle for the Falklands, by Sir Max Hastings, and Sir Simon Jenkins

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Other Books and Sources:

The Silent Listener: British Electronic Surveillance: Falklands 1982 by D. J. Thorp

The Official History of the Falklands Campaign, Volume 2: War and Diplomacy, by Sir Lawrence Freedman 

Sea Harrier over the Falklands by Sharkey Ward

Argentine Fight for the Falklands by Martin Middlebrook

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