Looking For Freedom: The Berlin Wall Show Notes

Looking For Freedom: The Berlin Wall Show Notes

A cheap holiday in other people's misery! The Berlin Wall was a physical representation of the “Iron Curtain” that existed from 1961 through 1989 that physically divided Western and Eastern Berlin in half. Join the History Bomb as we delve into the history behind the division of Germany's capital, the reasons behind the wall, and it's unintended toppling...and what does David Hasselhoff have to do with any of this?!?!

Song of the week: “Looking For Freedom” David Hasselhoff

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“Holidays in the Sun” by the Sex Pistols

Maginot Line

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie Museum

CORRECTION: it was the Inner-German Border, not the Oder-Neisse Line

The Berlin Blockade

The Economic Miracle

Gary Powers Gets Shot Down

Walter Ulbricht

The Berlin Crisis of 1961

Conrad Schumann

Peter Fechter

Ghost Stations

Berlin Friedrichstraße station

The Tunnel

Freedom Fighter

Erich Honecker

Ronald Reagan

Able Archer 83

The Bay of Pigs Incident

The Shard

The London Gherkin

Günter Schabowski

David Hasselhoff at the Berlin Wall

Ramones: Raw

Berlin from Space

The Wall Will Fall